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Lesley Byers

Lesley Byers on SOUL

August 5, 2003

I now have a new fave CD, SOUL!  The groove, the music, the lyrics...I'm full of SOUL just by listening.  Deirdre Fellner's vocal artistry WOW's me.  She's cool, confident and full of groovy rhythms!  Thanks for the SOUL!  I love it!


Janet Planet

Janet Planet on SOUL

February 15, 2003

Just listened to "Soul".  I love it.  Your voice is very powerful and soulful to the core!  The players and the production sounds excellent as well. It's been a long time since I've heard someone with your power and feeling.  I was beginning to think that blues and soul were a thing of the past buried underneath technique and acrobatic vocal fodder. You really brought me in to the song with your interpretation of the story behind the song.  I LOVE THAT! Then, your range.....well can we TALK? I also admire your sense of groove, which is so important....don't you think? Anyway, I really appreciate the CD and I'm hoping to persuade you in to coming up here sometime.  I'm working on a gospel album now and your instrument will be needed.  Tom said, "we better get the compression up and running, she's got some pipes".  I agree.


Kenny & Judy Salzwedel
Victorian Village Resort

January, 2003

Jazz Diva Deirdre Fellner:
She sings jazz.  She sings the blues. She scats. She scales. She entertains like no one else! 


Connie Grauer
Mrs. Fun

Connie Grauer on SOUL

July 25, 2002

It takes great songwriting, superb song arrangements, excellent performances and fantastic production to make a great recording. SOUL has all of that with a whole lot of soul on top, bottom and everywhere in between. I love this recording.

Jerry Grillo
Jerry Grillo Band

Jerry Grillo on SOUL

July 12, 2002

A great piece of work.  So much going on.  Good writing, backup singers, musicians.  Glenda's Blues---great decision---Great singing by you of course.  Very professional in all respects.  I think you are gonna go far girl!!!!!!!

Rick Maki, Owner
The New Moon Coffee Co.
Oshkosh WI

March 21, 2002

i saw you on opening day of summerfest last year.
you were not "fixin to wail."
you were there.


Tom Fay
Faymous Music & Sound

October 15, 2002

"Deirdre has one of the best voices in the business, the best that I have ever worked with, and her band always rocks."



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